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The future is now | Lexus Hoverboard

The future is now | Lexus Hoverboard


Lexus launches a new hoverboard model or experimental Hoverboard.

As if taken from the sci-fi movie Back to the Future (Lexus to the Future) Lexus has launched a new and innovative design that comes to replace the conventional Skateboard for something a little more futuristic, the hoverboard. In recent years we have had some significant advances in different fields and the prestigious automotive company could not stay behind.

How is it working?

Its operation is based on magnetic levitation consisting of two poles of the same sign facing each other, one on the ground and one on the board, therefore, the hoverboard must be above a magnetic surface in order to float up. The Hoverboard uses high-temperature superconductors submerged in nitrogen at -321 degrees Fahrenheit creating a magnetic field, so when it is placed in the proximity of a permanent magnet, it will float on top of it (and in inverse relation)

Despite the limitations that may have is exciting to see another invention that seemed fantasy materialized before our eyes. This is what arises from the union between science and automotive technology. I hope you enjoyed the information, I leave you with a little about the history of this innovation.

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