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A new member in the family of exotics

A new member in the family of exotics

Toyota Supra FT1

Toyota shows its intention to return to the field of the supercar. Presenting a concept at the Detroit Motor Show, developed by Calty’s design center in California. This work can be enjoyed in the Gran Turismo 6 video game, where the FT1 Vision Concept is one of the protagonists. His goal was only to create the car for the video game but they took advantage of it and created a real version, a new member in the family of the exotics the “Toyota Supra FT-1”.

Months after having seen the FT-1 painted in red, with black and red tones this bet on an equal but more sophisticated design. The Japanese brand brings it to us now dressed in anthracite gray and with rims in the same color, replacing the red leather pieces with other camel colored ones. The FT-1 is a true sports coupe, two-seater, with the engine in the front position and rear-wheel drive.

The interior is created with inspiration from the costumes of the superheroes, in the mixture of warm materials such as leather and technology. Its futuristic-cut instrument panel consists of two digital screens facing the driver.

On the outside, it attracts attention to its characteristic details such as its rear-view mirrors, the fans that appear hidden behind the front cooling intake.

In its rear area it highlights its rear spoiler that emerges depending on the speed at which the vehicle goes to ensure a greater load on the rear axle, which will be the propeller shaft.

As for its engine could be developed on a new platform that are developing Toyota and BMW and could have hybrid mechanics, the great bet of the Japanese brand. The launch is estimated for 2016 with a price over 100,000 dollars for its American version, in the case of the European versions the price would be clearly higher.


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