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The FIRMATON arrives at Plaza las Americas

The FIRMATON arrives at Plaza las Americas 5.0
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The team from Firmaton arrives at Plaza Las Américas, one of the largest shopping centers in Puerto Rico, commanded by “Héctor Gayet” for make the full set up of your event early and leave it all ready for today during the day where you will be presenting with his Mazda Speed called LA MARIONETA in his ninth edition of FIRMATON.

For those who still do not know what the Firmaton is

Firmaton is an initiative that began in 2011 and is a nonprofit organization. EL FIRMATON is held annually through a tour that is presented at different points on the island of Puerto Rico and aims to provide support to several foundations The event consists of allowing those present to sign THE MARIONETTE in any part of their body with the condition that a donation be made to the foundations that the FIRMATON sponsors, among them is the San Jorge children’s foundation.

They have received the support of several influential figures in the island of Puerto Rico.

The event has been supported by several influential figures on the island, among those visits is Mayor Angel Perez de Guaynabo Puerto Rico who was supporting the event and sharing with the boys from Firmaton.

Undoubtedly these guys are making an impact with this heroic initiative where all fans of automobilism and non-motoring fans are joining to support this good cause.

Over there, he was also making his contribution “El GABILON”, one of the best-known YouTube influencers in Puerto Rico.

Recibiendo el alcalde Angel Perez de Guaynabo

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